To the authors/ writers of these fics:

I’ll Be by stix04

Player’s Fortune » by IWrite007

Had I knownHow To Save A Life » by Spashleylove11

Chop Suey » by Skylirjames

I’ve Got You » by MonkeyGirl1730

Sad Eyes » by whoresontequila

Where Monsters Come to Rest » by TianaTheZebra

Revenge » by Seeing through blind eyes

Playground Love Affair » by tangle of emptiness

Some Frienemy Advice by BandraK 

The Quest for Rachel Berry’s Heart » by teeney8040

Enough » by SeenWriting

Braille by ohwhatprovidence

Take Two by animatedbrowneyes

Lucas Quintin Fabray by your.kat

Pieces of Her » by kagekamay

After the Twelfth Night » by broodygleek

Assured of Certain Certainties » by thememoriesfire

Will the real Rachel Berry please stand up ? » by Heuristic


The Lima Job by Bleach-Glee-Lover

Her Guardian Angel » by AgentSparkles


Fall back, or fall apart by ariakekaze

The Little Time Traveler » by Cygnus07

That’s Just Super Quinn » by max-on-the-mind

Life and Love in Unexpected Places » by My Hearts Lullaby

The Only Girl in the World » by JustAnotherPseudonym

Echo » by iceonthewing

Berry’s Blood » by Mike2115

Dark Princess » by KittySquyres

I Can Be Your Superhero by IzzyRizzy20

The World Through New Eyes » by ALittleLion

Love Lost then Found » by Musicfreak9864

Singing in the Moonlight » by eViLyN95

Boy!Rache fics and boy!Quinn

We Make Plans, They Never Work Out Right » by takeanotherturn

A Falling Through » by XxwhisperingxX

Slush and Burn by caffeinejunk

Like A Boy by Quinniebaby

Meet The New You by daydreamsfaraway 


The Trick is to Keep Breathing » by writting is love

Pretty Girls have Secrets Too by kitaleigh

My Soul Alone Again by IWrite007 (g!p)


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